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Posted: 2005-04-18 / Author:

Leadership Skills For First Time Business Owners

What makes some people leaders and others followers? This class is aimed at managers and small business owners and provides practical hints and tips to help you to become effective and respected leaders. Leadership styles together with related issues such as personal presentation, delegation, assertiveness and negotiation are tools that can be used effectively to project credibility as leaders.

Purpose of Class
“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” (JF Kennedy, 1963) What makes ‘a leader?’ Learn how to increase your credibility, effectiveness and success as a leader in your business.

Key Points
Small businesses do not carry passengers. As a small business owner, your focus and style of leadership will impact directly and dramatically on the success and direction of your business. There are different styles of leadership that suit different people and occasions - find out what’s right for you An effective leader inspires and motivates, this means you need to be able to build the support of those around you – employees, customers and your wider network Use body language to project impact Assess your credibility as a leader – see where your strengths lie and where further development is needed

Five questions this Class Will Answer
1. They say great leaders are born and not made – so how do you learn to lead? 2. What does leadership mean for a small business?
3. What are the five essentials of leadership?
4. How do you win the support of others?
5. OK, you’ve inspired and motivated others – how do you keep going yourself?

Five Common Problems This Class Can Help You Overcome?
1. People think leadership is about ‘telling’
2. Delegation is not abdication - nor is it procrastination
3. People use discipline instead of collaboration, to lead
4. People sometimes misread the informal structure of a small business and fail to take you seriously as a leader
5. Small business owners feel alone or ‘out on a limb’ in a leadership role

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