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Posted: 2010-09-18 / Author: SA BusinessHub

Cashflow Should Not Be A Problem Ever!


One of the biggest causes of business failure – one that catches even the most experienced business owner unawares – is poor cash flow. Small and Medium businesses are particularly vulnerable. Why is this happening?

Many entrepreneurs  fall short in the overall, effective management of their businesses is the "nitty gritty" detail such as understanding the financial performance of the business and managing it which results in poor performance and insufficient  cash flow

That is why we at SA Business Hub want to help you with this campaign as we are focussed on assisting entrepreneurs to be successful.

For an investment of R497 you can join SABusinessHub membership for a six week, focused developmental campaign on Financial know-how. So whether you want to get too grips with the financial challenges of running your business or have mastered the basics and need help implementing them – our campaign will both inform and inspire. Over six weeks we will provide you with motivation, resources and advice on one of the most important parts in your business – finances. Join us in this quest to better understand your finances as a tool for business success.

After actively participating in this campaign you will:

- Understand why Cash is King

- Learn about various Cash flow solutions

- Know how to apply cash flow planning and management

- Receive tips to keep costs in your business under control

- Learn to calculate and interpret financial performance

As part of this offer you will receive the following uniquely developed and time proven business resources and tools:

- Weekly tips and motivational about managing cashflow

- Access to our national entrepreneur coffee groups

- Access to articles and guides that cover everything you need to know about Cashflow

- Access to an extensive online library of checklists, schedules, articles and action plans

- Expert advice on our community Forum

- Discounted access to workshops and speaker events

Entry requirement: Have basic computer literacy and broad band internet access

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