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Posted: 2010-02-12 / Author: SA BusinessHub

Activate The Entrepreneur

There is an entrepreneurial spirit deep inside everyone of us. When this inspired driving force is released it gives rise to creative visionaries and leaders. Those who release this visionary energy, take inspired action and create amazing accomplishments. They are clear about their inspiring purpose, goals and objectives, are congruent with their higher values and are willing to do whatever it takes to fulfil them.

Dr John Demartini shares how those who may be experiencing some degree of inertia can break through their limiting fears and how they may become more clear, inspired and effective in initiating their most powerful and creative actions. He also shares how by asking a new set of questions they can earn more financial rewards by doing what they love and loving what they do.

The 7 fears that can hinder the entrepreneur from amazing achievement are as follows:

1) The fear that they are not intelligent enough. The fear that they are not creative or imaginative enough or that they don't have a degree or the right credentials. This fear can stop fledgling entrepreneurs from seeing their real intellectual capacity and can cause them to shrink away from taking inspired action which could help them grow a thriving and globally serving organization.

2) The fear of failure. The fear that they could fail or not succeed at their entrepreneurial endeavours can sometimes be so overpowering that they lie to themselves about their dreams and say to themselves "they are not really all that important".

3) The fear of loss of money or not making enough money. This fear can cause them to remain in a job that does not inspire them and make them unconsciously spend their monies so they will have an excuse not to take a risk and create their own business with even greater profits.

4) The fear of losing the respect of family members. This fear can make them worry that their family members may disapprove; that their loved ones may leave or reject them if they are not doing what these 'loved ones' see as "the right thing".

5) The fear of social rejection. The fear of what others will think, or that others won't like them, that they won't fit in. They believe that someone else's opinion is more important than theirs, which can stop them from doing some service that is truly amazing.

6) The fear of not being physically capable. The fear of not having enough energy, not being strong enough or having the right look to fulfil their vision.

7) The fear of breaking away from accepted establishment norms that may be stagnant, breaking established ethics that maybe outdated and doing something they don't believe will be acceptable by older authority figures such as polarized religious groups or some radical fraction of government. With this fear they can remain subordinated or minimise themselves and their dreams to someone else they have given power to.

Dr Demartini teaches that one of the ways to help dissolve these seven self-imposed fears is to write down 100 benefits to each of the very fears that they imagine might occur until they see that they will get just as many benefits as perceived drawbacks if the thing they feared actually did occur. A fear, he describes as a one-sided perception that a new entrepreneur may have about an upcoming event where they are seeing only the 'negative' outcome. When the entrepreneur balances out their incomplete perceptions and they see that they will actually experience a balance of both challenging negatives and supportive positives no matter what the frightening event may be, they can dissolve the grip that their fear has on their inspired actions and dreams.

When entrepreneurs know what direction to take and they don't have fear holding them back, they begin taking focused action steps towards their purpose, goals and objectives and they begin to more fully live their dreams. Inspired action and perseverance add up to make great achievements. They can be truly rewarded once they access the hidden spirit of their inner entrepreneur.

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