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Posted: 2006-11-20 / Author: Terry Bytheway

How To Market Through Myspace

How to market through Myspace: is home to arguably one of the largest social networks in the world. Thousands of users join for various reasons, whether it’s to make friends, share photos and videos or to promote their own music. As the MySpace tend grows in popularity, members of the competitive marketing industry have discovered the gold mine that MySpace really is when it comes to its advertising potential.

There are a number of tools and methods, which allow users to maximize their space’s marketing potential and benefit from access to such a large community.

Firstly, the wider your audience, the higher success chances there are of your scheme really working. There are a number of automatic programs which allow users to collect friends and build up a strong contact list. Yet, many users find that the personal approach is better since it allows people to target their audience, even if it does take longer. This means going through a number of profiles, and friend requesting those who deem appropriate recipients to your advertising spear, even though there is a limit to how many people you add in a day. This approach is especially useful for niche businesses that cater to a significant target market.

A faster, and easier way of building up your friends list, is MySpace Train. This is a script that makes users post their profile on a page, and allows other users to add them.

Once full, MySpace Train is reset for more users to add the marketer. Even though it’s a very basic method, it is probably the fastest and easiest way of getting friends since there is no limit to how many requests you get. This approach is not useful for those catering to a niche market, as the friends collected in this way, are absolutely random.

Once the marketer has collected and built up a large contact list that is ready to be advertised to, there are a few steps that need to be taken to ensure your “friends” interest and obligation to your persona. This is usually done by creating a captivating and interesting profile, based on your niche market. If you don’t complete a profile, most users will notice something is wrong – and will take you off their friends list. It is best if you include personal details, a few photographs and update your blog at least twice a week. Also, changing the look of your page also adds a personal touch and adds to that growing list of friends. The friend-requesting process is most successful if all these details are taken care of in the beginning. Another technique is to stay in touch with your friends and leave comments on their MySpace page. This ensures that people visit your profile regularly, and are subject to whatever marketing techniques you are employing.

Once your friends list is ready, and you are a popular member of the family, it is time for the wheels to start moving. Enter- your marketing plan!

One of the greatest advertising tools at your service is the bulletins option. Bulletins can be likened to forum posts, but they can’t be replied to and are only visible to users on your friends list. These are especially useful if you have a targeted list of friends. But beware that if you post too many advertising bulletins, most people will drive you to the edges of the MySpace circle and you will be subject to your friends’ annoyance. Thus, it is best that you post them in rarity, with no more than four bulletins per month. Do remember that since you have access to graphics and flash in your bulletins, try to make them original, interesting and an able vehicle that delivers your product with expertise.

Another great method that is employed is mass messaging. This works well for both target and bulk marketers, since it allows a huge number of users to receive your message. Although, it is easier for those targeting a niche market, since they won’t have to send out as many messages, and the messages will be relevant and interesting for the recipients. This can be done by using an automated messaging program. It is important to write an informative message but ensure that it sounds personal and include the link to your site at the bottom of the message. If users appreciate your message and find it useful, they will probably pass it on to their friends – and thus the never-ending, profit making chain of viral marketing will commence.

Today, MySpace is used by both big and small businesses and individuals in promoting their products and increasing traffic to their websites. The system is truly the newest and relatively most successful face in the world of online marketing.

About The Author: thousands of free myspace layouts and resources.

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