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Posted: 2013-05-10 / Author: Luther Diedericks

Four Stages Of Learning

If you search back through your life and explore the process you went through while earning new things in your life, you will notice that you experienced these four stages of learning

Firstly you started at stage 1 and that is where you did not even know that you really did not know i.e. unconsciously unskilled. Then you tried to drive a car with your limited experience. You suddenly realized you could not drive (stage 2). You were consciously unskilled. That means you knew you could not drive a car. You felt very awkward, slow, stupid, ect. This is the stage many of us give up because of the discomfort.


Now, if you persevered you eventually reached stage 3 consciously skilled where you became quite happy with your driving and were conscious that you were getting skilled at it. You were alert and had an awareness of all your driving moves. At this point there is a great feeling of achievement and it creates excitement. This is the result of advancing from the consciously unskilled stage to the consciously skilled stage you experience what it is like to accomplish.


The final stage is the unconsciously skilled area of learning. This is where you are driving down the road and learning down changing radio stations or the cassette tape in your cassette deck and suddenly wonder who has been driving the car and whether or not cars have passed by. If you were not consciously driving, your unconscious must have been driving. The unconsciously skilled area is where you are so experienced at doing something that you do not have to think about it. That is why you can always outsource your essay or thesis writing to this writing service


 Now, by understanding these four stages of learning it makes it easier to comprehend why you may resist change in the consciously unskilled stage of learning something new. But the real benefit is that feeling of accomplishment, exhilaration, and achievement that comes to us when we conquer this stage and end up at the next stage. Accomplishing something new creates spirit and spirit is required for success.


For most people it is much easier to stay secure with what is comfortable. However, when you begin to master that new venture, new challenge, new skill there is a great sense of achievement that creates energy in turn creating spirit. Enjoy the journey with the Marketing Campaign.

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