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Posted: 2005-04-01 / Author: Peter Smith

A Guide To Business Coaching

What is Business Coaching?

A Business Coach helps people to identify what they want to achieve in their business, careers or organisations and supports them through the process of achieving results.

The Coach works one to one with clients over an agreed period of time, in total confidence. The Coach helps clients set goals and provides feedback, perspective, encouragement and new ways of tackling situations.

The most common areas for Business Coaching are:

Leadership development
Change management
Up-skilling for new positions
Career change/development
Business profitability/growth
Working relationships
Team working
Personal impact & communication
Time management & personal organisation
Work life balance
Each individual has different development needs and different learning styles. Often, in smaller businesses, there are not enough people with the same training needs, at the same time, to design and run a formal training course. Coaching offers a flexible approach to development that can be delivered effectively on an individual basis, at the time it’s needed.

Which Business Coach?

In selecting a coach for yourself or your organisation there are three areas to consider in making your choice:

1. Experience

Examine the actual coaching experience; how long have they been coaching, which clients, in what areas and how relevant it is to you.
Examine the coach’s previous actual business experience and skill sets – are they appropriate and relevant to your needs?
Can the coach provide quality references from previous clients?

2. Professionalism

Although coaching is largely an unregulated industry there are a number of ways to ascertain the integrity and standing of a coach:

Are they a member of any professional organisations and if so at what level?
Do they adhere to an organisation’s code of ethics?
What level of specific coach training and qualification have they undertaken, and is there any evidence of continuous education?
Do they have their own coach/mentor/support structure to ensure their own objectivity and perspective?
Do they hold professional indemnity insurance?

3. Working Practices

Investigate the working practices of the coach:

Is there a defined structure and methodology to the coaching process?
Is there an evaluation mechanism?
Does the coach only use their own work tools or are they happy to utilise existing client resources?
Does the coach offer a no obligation introductory session?
Does the coach offer a flexible range of coaching options; timings, face to face, telephone and vary their fees accordingly?

The Benefits of Coaching

For the Individual:

With today’s fast paced business, dealing with change is becoming an everyday challenge – coaching can help you adjust to major changes in the work place. Coaching can help you identify development needs and plan development activities, helping you take responsibility for your own personal and professional development.

Being coached should and will feel different. It will bring personal satisfaction. It will help you gain a clear understanding of where you want to be and enable you to move forward in a positive way.

For Companies:

Coaching individuals within companies can enhance staff morale, motivation and productivity. The company benefits by reduced staff turnover, as individuals feel valued.

Coaching helps balance the fulfilling of organisational goals with the personal development needs of employees. In times of organisational change, Coaching can help staff to adapt and accept change while keeping consistent with their own goals and values.

Coaching is a tool that can help businesses be competitive and individuals meet their full potential, offering everyone a win-win solution.


Peter Smith
Pemsa Ltd
Tel: 01753 887881

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