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Posted: 2005-04-18 / Author:

How To Deal With Bullying And Harassment In Your Business

Bulling and harassment have no place on the world of business. They are destructive, demoralising and cost businesses vast sums of money in lost production, sick leave and stress related illness and legal action. Bullying and harassment are not just problems for large corporations and bullies operate just as effectively in small businesses.

Purpose of Class:
Learn about what bullying and harassment mean and take steps to ensure that bullying and harassment are not allowed to take hold in your business.

Key Points
1. Just because there is no evidence of physical harm, don’t make the mistake of thinking someone is not being harmed
2. Identifying bullying requires some knowledge of the subject - there may be little obvious evidence – bullies are good at covering their tracks
3. Bullying and harassment are not forms of ‘tough ‘ management
4. Bullying and harassment are sustained by ignorance and abdication of responsibility by some managers and business owners
5. Even if you are not personally involved, if it’s your business, bullying and harassment are your responsibility

Five Questions This Class Will Answer
1. How do you define bullying and harassment?
2. How can you recognise bullying and harassment in your business?
3. Why do people bully and harass others?
4. Why don’t people stand up for themselves?
5. How can you prevent bullying and harassment in your business

Five Common Problems This Class Can Help you Overcome
1. People think this can’t happen in a small business
2. People are concerned about repercussions if they complain
3. People feel they won’t be believed – particularly if the bully / harasser is a senior manager or valued customer / client
4. Owners and managers don’t understand how clear policies can help to clarify the views and actions of your business
5. People are concerned about false allegations of bullying and harassment

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