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Company registration service (RSA only)

We are able to register a company in South Africa for a flat fee. You will be required to fill out a questionnaire that will provide us with sufficient information to register the company. Out typical turnover time are 2 to 4 working days for shelve ...

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Workshop : Systematizing your business: How to implement

Roadmap and tools with the methodology to implement systematization in your business

As I see it, businesses that have the following in place have a more predictable success patterrn. ** Leadership development** Optimization and turnaround** Creating a culture of coaching ** Strategic planning (and implement...

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Posted: 2005-04-18 / Author:

Keeping Your Customers Through Meeting Their Diverse Needs

Our customers are not all the same. They come in different shapes and sizes, from differing backgrounds and cultures - and with differing wants and needs. Customers will buy from businesses that understand and best meet their needs. Meeting diverse customer needs is not just ‘the right thing to do’ – it makes sound business sense as well.

Purpose of Class
To give all our customers fair and equal service, we need to be able to meet their needs in diverse ways.

Key Points
1. Customers are becoming more sophisticated and selective
2. Customers are demanding evidence of business and social responsibility
3. Matching customer profiles is a powerful business tool
4. Diverse businesses better understand diverse customer needs
5. It’s not just large companies or the public sector that have an obligation – we all need to treat our customers fairly and equally

Five Questions This Class Will Answer
1. How do you define equality and diversity?
2. How can you make this integral to your business and not just another add on? 3. How can you match customer profiles when you don’t have a large workforce? 4. How can you make positive adjustments to existing ways of working without involving difficult and expensive changes?
5. How can you demonstrate that you are meeting diverse customer needs and treating your customers fairly and equally?

Five Common Problems This Class Can Help You Overcome
1. People think it’s not their responsibility
2. People think this only applies to large organisations
3. If customers feel that they have not been fairly treated - they walk away from your business – with their money
4. Businesses that fail to match their customers diverse needs lose customers - and without customers we have no business
5. Businesses that are socially irresponsible not only lose customers - often those customers engage in damaging campaigns.

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