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We are able to provide your business with a comprehensive website design and hosting service, that includes the business identity services and allow for online sales from your website. The process for initialising the services is started by filli...

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The simple mechanics of doing more and working less

"Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony." Albert Einstein

What makes a company great? You know the instant you walk in the door. It is organized, efficient and clean. Its employees are engaged, knowledgeable and eager to please. It is innovative, relevant and very successful...

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Posted: 2013-07-02 / Author: Luther Diedericks

What Does A Triumphant Life Mean To You?

A Triumphant Life means to me Mastering the Triangle for success.

 Going through life I was exposed to many things which promised an outcome that proved valuable at that stage. Most did however contribute to my personal growth or helped me succeed in the spheres where I was involved in. Living a “balanced life” however posed a major challenge. It took more than half a century to develop a model that worked for me.

 I spent most of my working life developing models and applications to make an organization more effective and efficient. Being ambitious and the perceived value and more income derived from improved efficiency and effectiveness handsomely rewarded me as well in achieving such improvements.  As life however progressed, I realized more and more the importance of self and life mastery and its interactive impact on business and ability to have sustained income. With retirement becoming something to consider, I realised the importance of investments. This dimension completed for me the Triangle for Success to me mastered to have a Triumphant Life by living a balanced life.

To find "balance" in my life I used the following approach within my "wheel of life".  There are three spokes, Life, Business and Investment that provides structure to my “wheel of life”.

At any time only a part of my "wheel of life "is on the road and requires focussed attention to provide movement or Growth. The other areas however needs to be in place and maintained to provide the structure and ensure the focus area can provide the required traction for movement.

Click here to view the interactive working of the Triangle for Success to realise a Triumphant Life.

The process normally begins with the income resource; it could be a business or employment. Each sphere has a specific path to be travelled and environment mental aspects to be learned and practiced to have a higher return. Rarely are passion and skill partners in the early business life because of historical influences. Skill, because of its direct influence on the ability to generate income is regarded as more important and is given preference.

 Self-mastery and Improved Emotional Intelligence are however essential to understand the power of having a vision to fulfil with passion and to have sustainable resources to achieve and maintain it.

Investment is normally the last of the puzzle to fall in place. Investment has the ability to give financial independence and choice in life. Passion could be applied through the business to realise a vision and the investment can finance it and no longer dependant on income to be generated. Investment also enables you to live the life you deserve.

I annually share with the membership of SA Business Hub over a period of six weeks the knowledge and insight to design and run their "wheel of life" to realise a Triumphant Life. Click here to book, or click here to do registration online and pay to activate you participation

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